Catastrophic Sheltering for LTC

Federal Response Team visits KY for Full-Scale Exercise:  7.7 Scale Earthquake (3:30)

Communication during an emergency: ice storm and flooding in Western Kentucky (4:37)

Hurricane Katrina 2005:  Health Department shelters 273 evacuees in officer’s club for 6 weeks (10:31)

Hurricane Gustav 2008:  84 evacuees transported 8 hours to university gym.  (5:22)

How to set up cots in LTC shelters.  Staging for medical surge potential. (1:39)

KY Ice Storm 2009:  72 hours of shelter-in-place; staffing and accessing critical supplies (11:22)

Medication in Transport:  managing medications on-site in shelter (2:30)

The first 72 hours:  Shelter-in-place and preparing for days 3-14 (3:47)

What’s in a cache?  What to do if the cache doesn’t arrive (2:37)