Surge and Transportation Tools

The Kentucky LTC Medical Surge Receiving Plan Template

The Receiving Plan Template enables a facility to plan for short-term (3-4 days) placement of persons evacuated from LTC and other health care facilities who are not residents of the receiving LTC facility but have been impacted by a disaster. LTC facility capacity assessment tools are provided to assist decision-making regarding the type of surge the LTC facility is willing to offer; to outline steps the facility can take to notify the OIG of housing evacuees; to complete a surge agreement with the sending facility and to enable implementation of the surge plan.

Individual LTC facilities are encouraged to establish a protocol for determining the ability to accept evacuees from LTC or other healthcare facilities, and should consider census, staffing, supplies and equipment available, and level/type of care that the facility can and cannot provide in a medical surge situation. It is recommended that surge capacity be reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis, because emergencies are unpredictable. In addition, a procedure should be established that enables designated staff from all shifts to help decide to what extent a request can be met for hosting medical surge evacuees.

Surge Template

Transportation Tool

The Kentucky LTC Facilities Evacuation Transportation Tool will assist in determining the necessary transportation resources to evacuate nursing facility residents in a disaster.

The tool will help determine emergency evacuation transport needs for nursing facilities, with information broken down by resident population. This process will provide Fire, EMS and Emergency Management with a strong knowledge of the resources needed to evacuate single or multiple nursing facilities simultaneously and will help improve pre-planning/emergency preparedness.


  • Identify the number of residents who need transport due to evacuation and those that can be discharged.
  • Evaluate transportation needs based on resident acuity and mobility.
Transportation Tool