Disaster Preparedness Templates

The purpose of the disaster templates is to provide staff clear action steps to take based on the particular disaster or emergency situation. Although some actions may be common among all disaster situations, particular roles and responsibilities evolve as an emergency develops.

The templates are organized identically by:

• Definition – details about a specific disaster or warning signs
• Immediate Action – for staff to take at the onset of a disaster
• General Staff Assignments – that apply to all staff members
• Specific Staff Assignments – that indicate action steps for individuals with particular staff assignments based on their role within the LTC Facility
• Preparing Ahead/Training – provides training opportunities and facility updates or precautions to take before an emergency occurs
• See Also – refers to sections of the manual that include related information
• Resources – provide links to agencies and entities that share additional perspectives or experience in facing the particular type of emergency situation identified in the disaster template.

Templates can be accessed below or by clicking on the desired template on the page menu.