LTC Preparedness

This Kentucky Emergency Preparedness for Aging and Long Term Care targets implementation of a statewide nursing facility preparedness initiative to increase the adoption of emergency preparedness in certified nursing facilities’ (LTC) practices and to support implementation of the CMS Final Rule for Emergency Preparedness statewide towards improving resident quality of life and quality of care.

Emergency Preparedness Manual

Model plans were reviewed from ten states and those features most important for emergency preparedness for long term care facilities in Kentucky were combined to create the KY model plan.

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Surge and Transportation Tools

Individual LTC facilities are encouraged to establish a protocol for determining the ability to accept evacuees from LTC or other healthcare facilities.  Facilities must also have a plan for evacuation.


Other Resources

Facilities should conduct a thorough Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) to determine what events or incidents may negatively impact operations. The HVA Risk Assessment should be conducted at least annually.

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Final Rule

The final rule and regulations identifies 4 key elements critical to successful preparedness: Assess Risk and Create Emergency Plan, Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures, Communicate Plan, Train and Test Staff.

CMS Rule