Emergency Preparedness News and Announcements

*Updated Kentucky Process to Request PPE as of 6/15/2020

As of 6/15/2020, there is an updated process to report and request PPE.

This updated guidance for requesting PPE falls under Governor Andy Beshear’s “Healthy at Work” initiative. Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-215,  the Cabinet for Health and Family Services has issued orders for the re-opening of the healthcare and medical community. These orders, in part, mandate that each healthcare setting must be able to procure all necessary PPE for routine services via normal supply chains and must maintain a minimum 14-day supply based on facility usage rates. Therefore, PPE requests to resume or maintain routine operations will not be considered. Only emergent PPE requests to directly support COVID-19 prevention, control, care and testing will be considered.

Agencies may make an emergent PPE request utilizing the following process:

Requesting agencies without WebEOC may request PPE at: https://tinyurl.com/kypperequest

Click on the document below for more detailed information about the updated process for requesting PPE.

The amount of PPE requested should not exceed a 7-day supply.


Map of Kentucky with Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Regions