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Severe Heat



Severe Heat conditions are present when there is a loss of cooling functions during hot weather and facility temperature reaches 85 degrees Fahrenheit and remains so for four (4) hours.

Immediate Action

To prevent hyperpyrexia, move residents to another air conditioned part of the facility, if available.

Common Staff Assignments

  1. Open windows to let cooler outside air in and utilize fans to move air – keep air circulating.

Specific Staff Assignments

  1. Keep the residents hydrated. Force fluids if necessary and record fluid intake.
  2. Make sure an adequate supply of ice is available.
  3. Provide cold wash cloths as needed.
  4. Draw shades, blinds, curtains in rooms/areas exposed to direct sunlight.
  5. Remove residents from areas of direct sunlight.
  6. Keep outdoor activities to a minimum.
  7. Check to see that residents are appropriately dressed.
  8. Monitor body temperatures of the residents and notify attending physicians if necessary, edema, shortness of breath, skin hot or dry, etc.
  9. Notify 911 if a resident/staff member appears to be in danger of heat-related stress.
  10. Evacuate residents if necessary.
  11. Monitor environmental thermometers on 24 hour basis.
  12. Notify Medical Director.

Planning Ahead/Training

  1. Take inventory to determine necessary supplies to support facility when managing severe heat for an extended period.
  2. Train staff on identifying signs of heat stress.

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